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A sampling of our shareholder successes


Client: Money Manager

Achieved measurable global reduction in pesticide use in potato supply chain, a roll-out of best practices to their other agricultural products, and outreach to MCD’s peers to emulate these efforts. View more about our work with MCD’s in our News posts.


Client: Nation’s oldest & largest environmental organization

Saved the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge from a destructive 50-year-long strip-mining operation.

Champion International

Client: Wealthy Actress

Protected an important Tennessee river from significant pulp & paper pollution, and caused the polluting mill to become a worker-owned cooperative.


Partners: Two mutual fund companies

Led Board to adopt comprehensive policies for land-procurement that protect culturally & environmentally sensitive areas worldwide.


Client: $70 billion State retirement system

Currently in negotiations with Nike, having forged similar agreements with the nation’s largest bank, largest software company, and largest specialty coffee retailer to adopt leading-edge policies around disclosure of corporate political spending.